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The biggest and baddest 5k run ever! All the way from the USA!
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Wipeout Run is the biggest and baddest 5k run ever! All the way from the USA! It is the original gameshow - inspired fun run with extremely high, cool and scarry obstacles. 14 different obstacles including the infamous Wrecking Balls, the menacing Sweeper, the brand new Leap of Faith AND an epic slide down called: The Hippo – a towering 4 story tall waterslide!

ROC Race is the first host worldwide who organised obstacle runs! With their 'Ridiculous Obstacles Challenge' ROC RACE toured through USA and Australia and counted more than 500.000 particiants! 

And now ... now it is time for an obstacle run in the Netherlands! Are you ready to run together with your friends, your family, your collegues or your team? The Wipeout Run is a great, challenging and funny experience! A once-in-a-lifetime ezperience you don't want to miss! 

Countdown to first Wipeout run!
- Natasja van M. -
Data & Location
Roc race is coming to the Netherlands!
20 April 2019
Come dressed and make sure to try out each obstacle from the Wipeout Run! Show us what you got and get the chance to win €1.000! Tip: Stay for our awesome Afterparty in the evening
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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30 May 2019
Everybody is welcome to participate in the great Wipeout Run. Gather your team, your strength and your crazy costuomes and show us what you got!
Go big or go home!
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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Fr, Sa & Sun
28,29,30 June 2019
Exclusively for the VolLof Festival. You can buy a ticket for the run only... or stay for the whole day! More information: www.volloffestival.nl
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14 July 2019
This seems to be the perfect opportunity to bring along your friends, your collegues or your family and challenge them for something awesome
Tip: Stay for the Afterparty for the perfect day!
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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17 August 2019
It's summer holiday, it's great weather and you and your friends are looking for something great, something challening? Look no further! The Wipeout Run is the perfect obstacle race to test you and your friends. Come dressed and get the chance to win €1.000!
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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24 August 2019
A very special day for a very special someone! Make this day special for you, your friends, your collegues or your family and participate in the Wipeout Run! Show us what you got, overcome all obstacles and get the chance to win €1.000!
Go big or go home!
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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19 October 2019
The perfect start into your vacation. Grab your friends, your collegues or your family and be part of this once in a lifetime experience. Crazy obstacles are waiting for you. Come dressed and make chance to win €1.000! Tip: Stay for the Afterparty!
Early bird: € 27,50
Normal: € 37,50
Late bird: € 42,50
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On request!
You would like to reserve the Wipeout Run exclusively for you and your team or would like to have it at another location? That's no problem at all. Just give us a call or contact us via e-mail and we will make sure to come back to you as soon as possible!
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I had a ball at the Wipeout Run roc race!!
- Janet A. -

The obstacle run is 5km long and contains 14 cool and awesome Wipeout obstacles. Best thing: it does not matter how long it takes you to finish. So take your time and enjoy! Finished? As a reminder of your awesome time at the Wipeout Run you will get a t-shirt and a medal!  Before as well as after the run, you can visit our beautiful Beldert Beach and check out the funny Wipeout kids obstacles on the beach. Painfully Funny!

  • Foam of Fury
    Foam of Fury
    Who does not like a good foam party? Take a run and glide with a memorable speed over our job!
    More info
    Wrecking Balls
    Wrecking Balls
    Do you think you can leave this obstacle dry? Think twice! There are two red balls waiting for you that might think differently!
    More info
  • Barrel Bounce
    Barrel Bounce
    Will you be able to bounce over this? Make big steps and don't loose you balance!
    More info
    Hopefully you are not afraid of heights? First you need to climb up ... upwards you can slide down again! It's a lot harder than it looks!
    More info
  • Cool Runnings
    Cool Runnings
    Be sharp! Crash, Smash and Splash with a mega speed down. Whooohoooo!
    More info
    Jump Balls
    Jump Balls
    This is not as easy as it seems. You know; the Bigger the Balls, the Harder the Falls! Wipeout: Painfully Funny!
    More info
  • Leap of Faith
    Leap of Faith
    No way !!! Are you finally up and then just simply have to jump down! No slide, no stairs ... just: have faith and JUMP!
    More info
    The Drop
    The Drop
    Climb to the top and then fall down. This is the perfect warm-up for the rest of the Wipeout run!
    More info
  • Big Mama
    Big Mama
    You are the first one who can experience our newest obstacle: the Big Mama! Be ready to climb, crawl and slide.
    More info
    Sky High
    Sky High
    It is a lot harder to win a race if you get bounced back every time. Jump a hole in the air!
    More info
  • Sweeper
    You only have one chance to get to the other side without being pushed off. Here comes the ... SWEEPER !!!
    More info
    Killer Surf
    Killer Surf
    From our 20m high tower you will need to slide down our Killersurf. With more then 50km per hour this will be a great adventure! Best thing is: you can slide as often as you want!
    More info
Ready... set... slide!
Dress to impress

ROC Race Wipeout Run is not a race where its about your time, no it's all about HOW you finish the race! GO BIG OR GO HOME! Come dressed, enthusiastic and totally ready for an experience like this! having troubles to find the most awesome outfit? No worries, we can help you find the right outfit. Just check our shop while ordering your ticket and you're good to go! 

Every day the Best Dressed Contestant gets a super price - a ticket for our Tournament Day, where you get the chance to win €1.000!!!

What a blast!
- Marlene M. -

Are you ready and motivated? Got anyquestions? Check if you can find an answer here or just give us a call unter +31344 - 745 450. 

  • How much does it cost?
    There are three different kinds of tickets: Early Bird Tickets for the quick decision makers can be purchased for €27,50 (up to 6 weeks before the event), Normal Tickets can be bought for %35,- (between 6 and 2 weeks before the event) and lastly our Late Bird Tickets for €42,50 (from 2 weeks onwards before the event). With each ticket you will automatically have free access to the Beldert Beach for the whole day!
  • Bad weather, what now?
    The run will still take place, only extreme weather conditions, like thunderstorms etc., will have an influence on the run!
  • Are the lockers available?
    Yes there are lockers available near the entrance. Keep in mind: the costs for one of those lockers is €2,-.
  • What is the minimum age?
    You need to be at least 12 years old and 1,50m tall in order to participate in the Wipeout Run.
  • Are visitors allowed?
    Yes of course, visitors are more than welcome. However, visitors are not allowed to enter the Wipeout Parcour or participate in the run. They are more than welcome to cheer for you at the Start and Finish line, which will be at the Beldert Beach area. A ticket for visitors is €8,- and can be bought at the entrance itself.
  • Are there changing rooms and showers?
    There are showers and toilett facilities which can be used for free. We would advise you, however, to come already dressedto the run. There is another possibility to rent one of our 'beach cabins'. Those cabins can function as changing room and offer more than enough space for you and your friends. You can simply leave al your stuff there and lock the cabin afterwards. However, there is a limited availability for those cabins, so make sure you book one in time. You can rent a cabin for different timeperiods of the day. One timeperiod costs €25,-.
  • What else is there to do at the Beldert Beach?
    Simply a lot! With each Wipeout Run ticket you will automatically have access to the Beldert Beach area and can enjoy all of its facilities and free activities. There are lots of free activities like a Beachvolleyball field, a beautiful beach with fitting beach restaurant, a kiosk, Wipeout Kids activities and our super awesome freefall slide, the 'Killersurf'.
  • Are we getting a souvenir?
    Yes of course! Such a great acheivement needs to be rewarded! You will get an awesome Wipeout Run t-shirt and a medal!
  • Can you also participate with bigger groups or with the company?
    Of course you can! The bigger the better! Just choose the best date and fill in the amount of participants and we will arrange your starting times. We will make sure that your whole group can start at the same time! You can also simply request an offer for your group by writing us an e-mail to: info@wipeoutrun.nl
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Time to get wrecked!
Martijn de G.
On Location

Wipeout Run can also be held as a company event on your very own vacation! ROC Race Wipeout Run will come to you and will be built up at your own location of choosing. It's a perfect way to challenge your team and get the teamwork going. Just ask us about the possebilities:  

More information
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Stay tuned! Get informed about all news!


You cannot find the answer you're looking for in our FAQ? Just let us know via this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Or call give us a call under +31344 - 745 450. 


Wipeout Run is geannuleerd. We hadden er ontzettend veel zin in, maar op de achtergrond hadden we te maken met een te grote uitdaging. De hindernissen komen oorspronkelijk uit Amerika en zijn daar volgens de strenge richtlijnen gekeurd. Het omzetten naar een Nederlandse certificering bleek (door de problematiek die er in Nederland is rond spring-/luchtkussens) een moeilijker/langzamer traject dan verwacht en inmiddels is duidelijk geworden dat de eisen onhaalbaar zijn.

Maar … we hebben een superleuk alternatief: www.wipeout.nl

Een op de gelijknamige TV-hit geïnspireerd activiteitenprogramma, waarbij je onder begeleiding van een persoonlijke instructeur in 2 uur tijd 6 échte Wipeout Obstacles onderneemt.

Speciaal voor alle Wipeout Run deelnemers en runners die graag deel hadden genomen, gaan we op de geplande data van de runs ons reguliere Wipeout programma in een variant aanbieden. Hierdoor is het ook mogelijk om met kleinere gezelschappen (zelfs met 2 personen) deel te nemen. Onder begeleiding van de instructeur onderneem je een van de parcoursen (RED, BLUE of YELLOW, check de obstacles hier) in groepsverband en ga je de obstacles een voor een langs. Je bent dus niet continu aan het rennen, maar de obstacles zijn wel uitdagender en spectaculairder!

Een ticket voor dit groepsuitje kost normaal €47,50 p.p., maar gezien de omstandigheden kun je hier nu aan deelnemen voor de reguliere Wipeout Run ticketprijs van €37,50.Let op: deze aanbieding geldt dus alleen op de oorspronkelijke Wipeout Run data.

Bel 0344 – 745 450 of mail naar info@wipeoutrun.nl voor meer informatie.

Helaas is er op dit moment geen medewerker beschikbaar. Laat je vraag achter en wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.